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History in the making...

"We should write all things down, so that we may consider the past (in the present) and avoid making the same mistakes in the future." - Ayotunde Itayemi.

"You can put a value on almost anything, but intention"  - Ayotunde Itayemi (19/09/2004)
(with reference to the intention behind the action a person takes)

I like to think of myself as an Amateur (any less qualification possible?) writer.

You are free to use anything on this page as long as it is not for commercial purposes,
otherwise contact me and let's "talk terms".

Life Techie
Faith Setting up a Linux PPP Server in 1 hour
NYSC Upgrading the Linux Kernel
Aping the Man Uninstalling a redundant (old) Linux kernel
(read the previous topic first :-)
Of Men and Women: analysing the coupling game Samba in an Active Directory environment
Basic Instinct 1: girls will be girls What is with Unix and Users anyway?
Basic Instinct 2: the language of love Ice Costume
God in the details
Time and Money
Mind over matter
Now this is the full gist
It's me O Lord
Revelations 13:18 (probably not!)  
Remembering Moses Audu  
House visit
One with my enemy  
Social Life
Setting up a Linux box with 2 BIND (DNS) servers running simultaneously


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