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Ice clothing - functional

(there is a copyright on this idea, but if it gets your brain-bugs started, we can share whatever earnings you make from inventing the device in a reasonable ratio :-)

I watched a programme on DSTV about mountain climbing and the quite heavy causalities that occur regularly. It also seems the handful of women (about 5 of them) that have conquered the highest mountains on earth never made it back down - so sad :-(
Sometime later, I started thinking along the lines of the Ice Costume ...


smaller version for shoulder/arm/thigh mounted etc helmet mounted etc

as wind blows, it rotates the fan which generates electricity (via a motor), the electricity is turned into heat via special electrodes built into d suit - like d one in an electric iron but works with less power



A detachable unit that can be set up outside a tent. The fanblades must be aerodynamically designed for maximum efficiency. They turn at the slightest breeze.



Even a "detachable" unit that can be set up outside a tent. The fan-blades must be aerodynamically designed for maximum efficiency - they turn at the slightest freeze. 

Note that the chest-mounted version may be designed in such away as to be detachable and so may serve as a detachable unit also.

Finally, a single person may be able to "wear" any combination of these heating devices: small ones for the arms, back and front packs etc.

NB: the electrodes/element  which converts the rotation of the fan into heat feed directly into the suit proper.

Only 3 women have ever reached the top of mount Everest - sadly, none made it back down..

September 2004

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