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Make peace ... remembering Moses Audu

Divine (not natural) Selection

Every time there is about to be a change in your "circumstances", take the opportunity to make peace with your creator. By change we mean physical change e.g., travelling from one city to another, going to bed, going to the office in the morning, going to a party, going fishing or mountain climbing etc.

Moses Audu was just 23. A few days ago he made his last journey; left for a rendezvous he never made. Made we are being myopic: maybe he left for the rendezvous he was meant to make - with his creator (and not with his earthly family)
I hope he made his peace with God, because there are no second chances.
It's hard to believe, that in less than 3months I had grown to know him, maybe not deeply but at least to like the person that he was - easy going, quiet-spoken friendly young man.
It's hard to believe that I will not see him again, watch a film with him on a fleeting weekend or a late night return from the office. It's hard to believe that I wont be "cashing out" to him anymore; nor giving him a withdrawal slip; nor share a joke.

I hope he made his peace with God.

Have I made my peace with God this morning; afternoon; evening; before bed; before this journey.
I know God is always ready to forgive and have mercy: I am counting on that: because sometimes all I do is fire a quick prayer for forgiveness and journey-mercies up to heaven. I am guilty (the same as quite a lot of people I am sure) for taking God for granted: giving more respect to earthly bosses than to the almighty.

I hope he made his peace with God.

When I sit in a vehicle, as soon as we take off, I say my prayers - forgiveness followed by journey mercies.


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