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little ninja


  May be I have got this wrong? It seems when you see two girls moving closely together, one is a stunner and the other is her sidekick? Is it some inner need by the sidekick to associate with a more perfect "figure" (figuratively speaking) and hopefully some of the shine would rub off on her? Or is it just that 2 beautiful girls would naturally drift apart due to the innate desire to be the only belle of the ball?
Please correct me if I have got the wrong end of the stick ...
02/09/2005 (1:21am)

Thy works

  Proverbs 16:3 says "commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established."
Why didn't it say the opposite i.e., "commit thy thoughts unto the LORD, and thy works shall be established."? Because that would have implied a lazy man can fold his hands (just pray to God that's all!) and thy works (clothing, money, food, cars, etc) shall come into being! Oops, not with this GOD - you gotta work, then he will give you grace in excess (Psalm 23:5b - "thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over") And if you are throughly willing to work, that is some form of humbleness so, James 4:6b - "Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble")
02/09/2005 (1:17am)                                                                   

Save Oh Father

  Play the clip. That's me exercising my voice box at 1:am in the morning


747  ... booooorrrriiiiing!

  A colleague asked another colleague in the office why he was "O'n boyin be 747". He meant why was he smiling to himself. The Yoruba phrase above is a play on the Boeing 747 to something like "smiling like a 747"

The bus driver

  Yesterday on my way to Marina I boarded a bus half filled with guys and the news I saw the previous night crossed my mind. It was about the "one chance" buses. I took care to sit close to the door, but after a while having told myself that I am a son of the King and that it is unlikely for "them" to operate in V/I together with the benign look of the driver I relaxed a little. Just in front of the Silverbird emporium, a taxi-cab pulled away from the curb and we nearly ran into him. The busdriver stepped on hi brakes, pull up beside the taxi and said "Oloshi. Armed robber!" One of the passengers in the bus added to the taxidriver "Baba, eti ya were sir o!"
Well, I got to my destination, called the man only to discover he wasn't back in the office. I jumped on a bike to CMS to board a bus going back to V/I. This time I sat in front next to the driver and as soon as he started the bus, I noticed there was something familiar about him - he looked like the same driver that drove the bus I took to CMS. I looked back at the "conductor" but I wasn't so sure about him. The next minute a bus went into reverse ahead of us and nearly backed into "our" bus. The driver shouted "Oloshi! Armed robber" -  well I had my answer :-)

Congratulations !!!!

  There is not one perfect person on earth - no, not one. But there are a few people walking the earth that are close enough. One such person got married last weekend. This is saying congratulations to the latest couple in town - the "Sonaikes". May God bless the union in all the ways only He can. Hidden riches of secret places and secret riches of hidden places may he grant the couple aplenty. Amen!

And following Mr Albert Campion's lead (in "The Question Mark"), I will now cross the madam's name off my private list entitled "Elegant Young Persons Whom I Ought to Take to Lunch" and write it neatly at the top of my "People I Must Send Christmas Cards to" folder.


Just men?.

  There is a bank a couple of blocks away from my house, and every morning while walking to the main road to catch a bike to work, I have to pass the car drivers of the bank by the road. It seems they are always discussing about their "conquests" or some girl that is still proving hard to get. I mean these are married men with kids at home! I was going to quickly condemn them, but soon realised that it wasn't much better where I work. It seems all men are born equal when it comes to certain things. We are all men of impure thoughts with evil intent seeking naive conquests.

This morning . . .

  It was one of those mornings. I was woken up by my Uncle at 7:30am - it seems his Windows desktop (mot his MAC Mini or his Windows lappy) had decided to start Bluescreening (If you use Windows and you don't know what a BOD is, you don't wanna find out - it also means you must be a very lightweight user - probably just playing solitaire and minesweeper on the thing - good for you. Ok, with time against me, I fixed the BOD problem only to be remember that I was supposed to help my aunt hotsync her Sony Clie to her laptop. In between brushing my teeth, taking my bath, and dressing up I did the sync and was only 4 minutes late to work - how about that for performance? It's a KPA issue!

The exam . . .

  The venue for the exam was quite far. I hitched a ride and that still took some time. Finally, I was close enough. I got off and then legged it through some brambles, and trees to the venue. The venue was one of those tiered rooms like the typical University lecture room. We settled down and after a while the exam started - it was an hour long exam. It was then I discovered that I didn't not have any answer booklet on my desk. I rushed to the back to get another seat. The desk also did not have any answer booklet. I noticed an answer booklet on the next desk that had already been used - and was about 3 pages full. That's highly unlikely, unless the owner came in with some "chips.". I rushed down to the front again, and sat beside someone who was busy sleeping! No answer booklet on that desk either. Turned and tried to shake the guy awake and discovered that it was Kenneth (a consultant from an application development company I knew!) I rushed to another desk and finally found a usable answer booklet. I opened it and was about to start work when my boss called (phone) . . .  and woke up.
It was about 6:50am, I tried to make my voice sound clear so that he wouldn't guess that I was still asleep.
"Hello sir."
"Hello Tunde. The customer just called me now. Make sure you get to the office early today and stay on top of the situation. I will be late to the office. Please keep me posted. . . . "
I had a good mind to tell him that I was in the office until 10pm the previous night, but I didn't say anything. He was right as usual: "only result is rewarded; effort is not"

The CEO Roadshow  . . .

  As I watched people rushing to get to the venue before the stated time, it dawned on me that if people feared God just half as much as they feared men, this world would be a much better place. It appears the problem is not that people do not fear God; It's much deeper than that. If people truly believe that God exist and that He is all-seeing and all-knowing, then many of the things we do that are against the laws of men and/or God wouldn't get done. Yes, we all confess with our mouth that we believe in God, but do we really truly deeply believe? No, I guess not.

Good food can Kill . . .

  I came across a lady walking along the road today and the only thing that came to my mind was "good food can kill!" (read more ...)

How to Know a Nigerian . . . a.ka. Nigerians can't sing

  Airport Immigration Dept.

Custom Officer (CO): Mr. Ajanlekoko, we have reason to believe that you are not really a Nigerian even though it appears that the passport you have in your possession is genuine.
Person: Haba, I am a Nigerian to the core
CO - in order not to delay you too much, we will just make you take a very simple test which works all the time. Please sing the National Anthem
Person - Arise O ...  (he proceeded to sing the national anthem without missing a note or word)
CO - I can see you know the . . . .
Person - (cutting in) Please I haven't finished. Let me sing the original version too.
CO - you know that one too?
Person - yes (very proud of himself)
CO - there is no need. You did very well with the "new" version. I am afraid we know for sure now that you are not a Nigerian.
Person - how can you say that?
CO - 2 good reasons. You are not up to 40 years of age, more important, you know the national anthem in full by heart.
CO - no true Nigerian nowadays can get past the 3rd line of the first stanza.

(Ayotunde - 22-July-2005)

Blue River


I set to thinking what it was that made me do the things I do (read more)

Revelation 13:18


Wisdom is needed to understand this. (read more ...)

Social Life


I Hmm. How come this section is blank?

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If you have any computing project you want handled professionally, by all means check out my business page. Check my Blog if you are interested in how I spend my day. Everything else goes on the Best of the Rest page. Friends, utilities, interests, colleagues etc. I think that about covers it, but if there is anything else you need to know, please contact me.

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