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Mind over matter

The human mind can be divided into 3 parts:
Outer, middle, inner.

1.  Inner level or level 1
The Logical level.
 All new thoughts ultimately originate from level 1.
Soul, exist here
This is the "inner man".
Dispassionate analysis of events takes place here

The Innermost region can only be accessed by 2 people - the particular being and God. This is the level probably referred to in the bible when it talks about who can discern the thoughts of a man etc.

2. The emotional level or level 2

level 2 can only be "read" by spiritual means. When people "emit" and "feel" fear, anger, happiness, insecurity - all sorts of emotions emitting from someone else it's at this sphere.
This is where telepathy also takes place. When 2 or more people "tune" into each other's frequency or wavelength, communications literarily occurs! ESP is also here.
Telekinesis is also here. This sphere is very dense because of the mass of emotions parked here. Sometimes the force of these various emotions through a process not yet understood when "focused" results (or can be converted into) in the ability it affect the position and properties of objects without physical contact.

The devil being a spirit is able to "read" peoples mind's by tuning the frequency of his own mind to theirs.

When couples live together over a period of time, whether in love or not (though it's easier for the latter), they subconsciously tune their level 2 minds to the frequency of each other. That is why sometimes they literarily know what the other person is thinking - weak telepathy. It is this "boundary" that allows a person to know what another individual will do in a given situation.

Contrast this to psychological profilers. They study people and by observing a pattern of behaviour, what they have really done is to acquire an insight into the content pattern of the level 2 mind of that individual. Same goes for psychologists.

The problem is that by default, the boundary between levels 1 and 2 is very weak, but in contrast, the boundary brtween levels 2 and 3 is much stronger leading to what is sometimes described as good self-control. In brain-washed subjects or CIA/spy operatives that have undergone special training, this can be taken to a level where they are even able to fool a lie-detector.
On the other hand, people that fly off the handle at the slightest provocation have a major flaw in the boundary between levels 2  and 3 of their minds.

How to strengthen the boundaries

1. Meditation - in all its various forms - as practised by Yoga devotees, ancient Chinese religions, bhuddism, hinduisim and Christianity. Of course, we prefer the latter becuase this form of meditation acknowlefges the existence of the one (true) God and seeks to be one with Him. Some of the others beleve in various things defined as a life force, mother nature etc  which are not healthy for an individual (nothing like a little controversy to end a peice - or for that matter test the strength of the reader's mind :-)

2. reverse behaviour - practice self-control. Mentally tell yourdself when it's time to flare up, that you know this is where you are supposed to unleash your hot temprer, but this once, you wont. Do it once, then again, and again, and . . . (you get the idea)

We want to also state here that the believe that couples tend to start to look alike nay have its root here. We want to posit a theory here. That the dominant partner
in the marriage (or is it the more stronger emotionally ?) influences the physical properties of the other such that he/she starts to change into the ideal held in the stronger partners mind.

Circumstances alter the constitution of the boundaries between the layers, which is why people in extreme danger are sometimes able to react very quickly (adrenaline rush) Understanding that you are in danger punches large holes in all the boundaries such that new thoughts on self-preservation originating from level 1 rush through to level 3 with very little hinderance and thus results in an almost immediate physical reaction.
Immobility in the face of danger - may be caused by various things. One explanation is that latent fear in the individual hardens the boundary between level 2 and 3 suvch that the thought does not give birth to action. This is not known for certain because according to research it has been discovered that some people basically "feel" nothing during their period of immobility in the face of danger. It has been posited that for this category of people, self-preservation which is innate to every living thing shuts or completely solidifies the interface between levels 1 and 2 of their mind in other to save them from the fear?  such that while they are aware of the danger in which they are, the fact that it does not reach level 2 implies that such thoughts do not give rise to emotions such as fear which in turn does not produce action. This tends to render the subject "startled" and immobile with a fleeting sense of unreality.


3. This is the "Physical" level
This is your thought given expression through actions and facial expressions

1. The boundary between levels 1 and 2 is like a very loose sieve so thoughts criss-cross from 1 to 2 regularly
2. The boundary between 2 and 3 is stronger


29-August-2004 (after service on Sunday)


======================================= to be moved and developed later =====================

Slanging Crhistianity

I like slangs and I think there is nothing too bad about some clean "xtian" slangs. Afterall, we talk (at least the whites do :-) freely with our earthly parents, we should equally be free with our heavenly father (within reasonable boundaries of course!)

I wanna go hang out with da-fada   - I want to go pray/meditate on the bible
I wanna go celebrate Jesus - worship/fellowship and church
lets go celebrate Xmas - worhip and fellowship
its coming down at His crib - somrething is happening in church - worship, celebration etc
you dont wanna keep Him waiting - dont be late for service 


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