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Debts ...

There are various types of debts.

Some debts are repayable. others are not.


This class of debts is quite broad. It covers areas such as education, emotional, family etc. 
Educational debts are debts owned to everyone and anyone who has ever thought you something. It doesnt matter whether the knowledge is given in love, hatred or beaten into your head (possibly by that class 2 teacher whose guts you hated many years back). As long as you learnt something at the right time, you can never repay that sort of debt. Money can't quantify it. You can give d party involved a great amount of money, and he may indeed feel you have more than repaid him, but in reality, no amount of money is equivalent to knowledge.
Anything done in love cannot be repaid (fully). Love


Examples of debts in this class is borrowing money from another party (e.g., bank) under an agreement to repay principal plus interest. This kind of debt is paid in full when both parties have fulfilled all the conditions of the agreement.



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