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Basic Instinct 1: girls will be girls

There are 3 reasons why a girl falls for a guy.

1. He is just pure lucky.
2. He is a "nice guy" (if there is anything of the sort*)
3. He is a smooth-talker

Lucky Joe

1. This is the hardest to explain. A girl may be attracted to a boy not because of any characteristic of the boy that you can put a finger on. She just "likes" him. It doesn't really matter whether the boy is a nerd, a hunk or any combination of the two. In fact, the girl herself may be hard pressed to explain why she fancies the boy (in concrete terms). You may get such "explanations" such as:
a. I just like him
b. He is a very nice guy
c. He is cool (not hunk-cool - that usually falls under the smooth-talker category - men who let there looks or bodies "talk" for them are variants of the smooth-talker)
d. He is adorable or he is cute (really means he is handsome - equivalent explanation by a guy talking about a girl will be along the line of "I could just eat her up", or "she is a sight for sore eyes", or "she is edible", or "she is hot")  At the risk of sounding like I am racially-biased, I think Caucasian girls are more likely to give this sort of explanation. Blacks are more likely to either love/like a guy because he falls into either category 1 or 3. A black girl may consider adorability as a value-added characteristic to tip the scale in favour of a boy, but in general, there must be something more concrete about the guy.  Though I must admit that "Westernisation" is increasing the number of Black girls in this category. You should see some girls swoon over Morris Chestnut on a TV screen! Should I say "way to go bro" here? Nope.

Mr Nice Guy

There are no nice guys. We are not talking nice in its formal well-known definition here. Let us take religion out of the equation for a while (even though it applies to a large extent even if included). A guy may be nice; help a girl out; offer a ride; pay for some utilities and needs; be there to listen etc. Once his attention goes beyond this "general" level, then there must be something he wants (good-intentioned or otherwise). The guy might want a real long-lasting relationship; he might also "adore" the girl; he might also have bad intentions too! But he definitely wants something. It's just the nature of the beast.

Smooth as Ice

It seems every animal is attracted to danger to varying degrees; perhaps it is an attraction to the unknown; to that part of life which for some reason one has never experienced; maybe our desire to experience, even for a moment what life is like on the edge.
Otherwise, it would seem totally incomprehensible the reason why girls are attracted more to this category or men - the original "bad boys",
A smooth-talker by default and definition is a guy with an insatiable appetite for the domination of the opposite sex. It is very likely that a guy that chats up an unknown girl unabashedly with no inhibitions whatsoever is likely to be a smooth-talker. One may further conclude that he has a lot of "experience". It seems the content of the talk (or what is said) does not matter as much as its "delivery". While it seems almost possible to make girls that fall for guys in this category, its  it is of considerable doubt whether the subject actually believes what is said or just "decides to" believe what is said - something akin to self-deception. What the smooth-talker offers may be abstract or concrete; immediate or dated; even of no apparent value. 


There are of course overlaps between all these 3 groups. It can safely be said tat every guy has features of all three; the distinguishing factor is which group's traits is dominant and which is recessive. In some boys, certain traits are so minute as to be almost inexistent; but it can always be detected at the subconscious level.
Boys will be boys, so also will girls (be girls that is :-)
Ok, so I am a little green with envy. I am definitely not a smooth-talker (3), but I am a nice guy (2) so I hope I get lucky (1).


(Where did I get my info from, you ask? Please go and watch the film "She is out of control" - pay close attention to the doctor in particular) 


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