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Just Me

Welcome to Tunde Itayemi's eLocation

"In the end it is the person we become, not the things we achieve that is most important".
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By night one way, by day another
This shall be the norm
Until you find true love's first kiss
Then...take love's true form
Shrek (the princess' curse)

Ok. Let's get started...

Skills for hire

I am always in the market for the ultimate dream job - "good-pay-location-anywhere-computing-a-must." So please check out my sparse CV. What I don't have in terms of certification, I have made up for in terms of experience (my inane excuse)


I love to develop those teeny-weeny programs that are quaint and em em functional (depends on how you look at it). So check out my free software page. If you find anything there that interests you, it's yours for keeps.

Social Life

Hmm. How come this section is blank?


I come from a family of achievers. The problem is that I haven't achieved much myself! There are Doctors, Lawyers, Computer Scientists, Educationists etc - more than I can count on my fingers! I tell you, it gets kind of intimidating sometimes! The family page is here, but due to the fact that I have to have the consent of one and all it will start out sparse and grow later on if I get the thumbs up!

Best of the Rest

If you have any computing project you want handled professionally, by all means check out my business page. Check my Blog if you are interested in how I spend my day. Everything else goes on the Best of the Rest page. Friends, utilities, interests, colleagues etc. I think that about covers it, but if there is anything else you need to know, please contact me.

Yeap! That's me

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