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Uridium Technologies Co.

Years ago, I played a game called Uridium 2 on the Amiga (an A600) and fell completely in love with it. Over subsequent years, I tried to find a copy of the game that would run on a "regular" (Intel) PC. I was finally partially successful (with Emulators) but I still have problems. I love the small old 9-pin serial joysticks (QuickShot®) that was used with Ataris and Amigas but I have found it next to impossible to get it to work with an emulator on a PC. It seems Windows does not like one to connect a joystick to its serial port. I found a circuit on the Internet a while ago which is supposed to convert a DB-9 to a regular DB-25 interface, but I havent been able to build it for many reasons: time, availability of components, etc.

Anyway, I was hunting around for a business name. I have finally registered the company under the name Uridium Technologies Co. I am sure you know where the name comes from :-)

An I.T. company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria in 2004. The company has undertaken at least two "complex" projects.

Below are two projects I worked on shortly before registering the company (do they count? Well not really, but I don't want to leave this section blank).

Uridium Technologies Co. will undertake any project with computing aspects.

Expansion, expansion and contracts pls! Contact us if you have a project you want done: systems configuration, integration, networking etc.

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