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Well here you have sites that I am interested in - and which hopefully will prick your interest too. Why do I have these links? If for no other reason, it's just the link-ing thing to do - click my link, I click yours!

Family Yetunde Fasipebi (nee Itayemi) My "Only" Sister.
Friends Tope Aladesanmi  
Tope Ajayi  
Sade Sonaike (nee Adegbulugbe)

Following Mr Albert Campion's lead (in "The Question Mark"), I guess I have to cross this name off my private list entitled "Elegant Young Persons Whom I Ought to Take to Lunch" and write it neatly at the top of my "People I Must Send Christmas Cards to" folder.

Old News: Do you know that Chinese (astrology) puzzle. "This" would have been my answer to question 10 - and that is saying a lot. You should check out "Slim's d deal" (No ogling please :-)

Shina Oyetosho Overe

This is the Real McCoy. If you are in Nigeria and want to shop online, is a must. An added plus is that you don't need a credit card to shop. The site carries almost anything you can think of with guaranteed delivery. 

Programming Programmers Heaven The name says it all. All the utilities, codes and programs you need!
VB site(s)  
Thefreecountry Free Disassemblers, Decompilers, Binary / Hex Editors and Viewers
Utilities & Downloads
Linux/Unix RedHat, SuSe, Debian, Slackware,
ScoUnix, Solaris (SUN),,
The Mirfield Mission Hymn Book, 1955
Selections for Christmas


lyrics & MIDIs (Piano, Organs, Bells) and scores
Software Iceman's Jaguar Theme The coolest MAC theme for Windows!
Miscellaneous Poems, lyrics etc  


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