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April 05: well, I was with on a table with a couple of guys in the "canteen." Three girls came in and while waiting at the counter to be served, the 2 guys had the following brief conversation (at least the part I was privy to)
The tall one dun, but me o mo    (The tall one is a looker)
The other 2 wan dun                    (The others are not good-looking - or "set")
Me too, me o mo, but I know the other one        (Me too, I dont know her, but I know the other one)
It is the one to dun among them that you should know. (It is the one that is good-looking among them that you should know)

Men will be men eh?

April 02: I was on my way to Ibadan - quite close actually when I came across an accident. It was over a bridge which took the expressway over another road. It seems from the way people were starring over the side of the bridge and coupled with the fact that no damaged vehicle was in sight, one or more vehicles must have gone over the side. A woman was propped in a sitting position on the bridge. Her eyes were closed tight and their was blood all over her head. Blood had flowed on the ground to about 12 feet away from the woman. She must have been dead. Her (roughly) two-year old girl was sitting on the floor beside her. Their was blood all over her face and she was crying. Learnt later that the person in whose car I was travelling actually knew the woman and her husband. Small world. So many things we take for granted. Macro-thanks should be given for every micro-thing that happens to us, and after which we are still able to draw breath.

December 10: I was in a bus heading to Lagos from Kano. At Ibadan, after the conductor "woke" us up with a good morning message, he reminded people to watch their belongings as some people would soon alight and u can't be sure what may happen. He followed this up by saying that despite all his warnings; despite it being a new day, some people still kept on sleeping as if they were "Obasanjo who has no problems". Obasanjo may not have any financial problems, but I am sure that like all of us, he must certainly have his share of things to worry about.

October 15: I was with a man who was about to be hanged. He turned to me and asked what he needed to do to be saved.
(he wasn't a Christian) I tried very hard to tell him, but I just could not get it out. In desperation I rushed out to find some people I knew who could help out. By the time I got back, he had been hanged and was dead. I practically began to sob, fearful of letting him die and praying that somehow before he died, he had made his peace with God. I woke up this morning and discovered to my relieve that it was all a dream. But now, I wondered if I could have been more successful if it had been real. Where am I with respect to my relationship with God? Am I working out my salvation the right way? (Philippians Chapter 2:12  - out your own salvation with fear and trembling.)

July 27: Got a bank-wide request yesterday to prepare a document listing my goals, measurement index and targets for achieving the goals yesterday. Submission: today! I am thinking hard. I can't of course put down what I have in mind - its to short and simple. Here goes: have a family, a comfortable house and be financially independent to a level where I can decide to take a holiday anywhere in the world at any time I feel like it! I would like I.T. has a hobby rather than a job. Just tinker around with current I.T. gadgets. Probably write a little, draw and paint a little, that sort of thing. Walks, bicycling etc.

July 26: Watched Clint Eastwood's "The good, the bad and the ugly" again yesterday. I must have seen it like 10 to 15 years ago. It is indeed a classic. I am not sure I have seen the guy that acted "The Ugly" Tuco in any other films though (a guy by the name Eli Wallach) Even though Clint was the most popular actor in the film, it was actually "Tuco" that "made" the film. Its Monday and the beginning of another great week. If I ever find Lee Van Cleef's "A stranger and a gunfighter", I will definitely watch it again. Lee Van Cleef was "the bad" in first film mentioned above.

June 04: Haven't written anything in quite a while. The most important occurrence of the previous 2 weeks is that I lost an aunt (R.I.P.)! And she was still quite young :-(
I am not sure where my life is heading. I don't even know what I want. I can't seem to live the way I know God wants me to do either!

May 24: Monday morning again. Printed all the reports I needed to. Just finished formatting the Old Testament graphics links. I may return to finish the HTML titles on each individual pages later but it is not "urgent". I have done about half the Old Testament pages already (I think). The weekend was peaceful and went through like a breeze.  Just finished the links in the New Testament at 4:40PM!

May 20: Oops! 8 days since I last set anything down. Been a little "occupied." The most important event is the (sad) loss of one of my close aunts :-( The HTML bible is more or less complete now. The previous/next navigational aids I chose to add to each of the chapters is going to take some work! Thinking about it now, I think I should have made the "New Revised Standard Version" rather than the "King James Version (KJV)." 

I need to call someone at HR concerning redeployment to Technology in Lagos, but I have serious cold feet. Haven't made much headway with my attempt to obtain a Jamaican passport. Haven't heard from Tope concerning my graduate certificate either. It is another boring day - I am not sure what I really want - at this age! So sad :-(

May 12: I have finished the New Testament! All that remains is aesthetical in nature. At least the text of all the books are in place! Copying the chapters from the program in batches of 4 really made a difference. Also, the new testament is much "shorter" than the old too.

May 11: finished the Old Testament! Started on Acts. I am doing it in alphabetical order of book names. I am trying to find a faster way of copying chapter text across from the Bible software into FrontPage.

May 10: Old testament almost complete. No water at the Guest House during the weekend. It wasn't funny at all. Found out today that something's wrong with the mains supply to the area. The Water Corps people are demanding that the company pay some money to enable them effect a repair to the water supply system to the area. Only in Nigeria I say! The company is not owing a Kobo, yet it's being asked to shoulder repair cost for government infrastructure! Bought a 50-litre jerry-can for N500. Still thinking of what to do next as I need to wash!

May 04: woke up and did not feel like getting up at all, but I got up all the same, haven't found another job yet :-). Its' only 9am and I am as bored as hell. 

May 03: started working on making an HTML version of the Holy Bible, not easy going. I have the basic layout. Also got all the major links in (books and chapters). Was also able to copy the first couple of chapters from genesis and format them too.

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