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SCHOOL DAYS: a book in the making?

1. sogglo-bobbies -  cooking in the roof - pail + rice

2. Atoms (headboy) sendoff sugar and garri in pails

3. Danger - home boy's "ghost" nite. boys running helter-skelter, injury, one had d injury 4 quite a long while afterwards

4. Jawando's boys - planned cooking, stove tipped over, housemaster gets d stove, happy abt soup

5. hiding provisions in d roofs

6. Beans galore - shitting outside headboy (terror! lips (ete)!)  window. more scared of ghosts & unknown that headboy, so didnt risking going into the darkness. eat at abt 9pm - beans plenty bcos of holiday (wednsday was holiday). started passing gas outta mouth at abt 11pm. evil smelling, one senoir stating that if he catches the person farting and fouling d air. left doon sfter to sleep on d floor with mattress in an open hall/hostel ("Extension" as it was known then). use up tissue b4 morning. going around in towel with a pail of water.

7. running around naked at night on the hockey pitch b4 bathing. securitries coming to find out, pretending not to know who dunnit.

8. swift - robbing lower bouttery by getting in thru d roof, reputedly used coke to brush teeth next morning, being caught, person (AKA) specified to keep the refund they were to pay in order not to get expelled/suspended spending d money!

9. John Bull - brought to school bcos he spent money for a school book or so, been yrahsed by dad on d tarmac, teacher protesting, then taking over the trashing.

10. Iyeye day - John Bull again! climbing weak old roof, falling, breaking hand, taking off, rest in fear of being trahsed, dispersing, thinking he deserved it since he and his friend (bakare i think) were senior boys who came to     take oever our thing wihtout being asked! making stilts for his hand. senior following him home and telling his dad that he broke his hand doing sports otherwise the dad would have killed him!

11. Armstrong's letter - report after prep - trashing again!

12. chasing after the Juju boy - didnt go along though, (ask Seye abt it ), everbody feeling weak whenever d boy was weak, resting when d boy stopped to rest, finally got away.

13. Throwing stones - with Adepoju, arcing 1st stone slowly, throwing second one straight and fast, hitting him squarely, crying out injured - not too much really! 
chasing olagbaju on an open field between schooling building , senior walking between us at last moment, hitting him, postrating and saying sorry, olagbaju laughing his head off! competition with junior - 3 stones each o hit the thin pole of a signboard (maybe an 2inches across froma distance of about 20 feet. Got it on thrid stone with applause, junior got it also, but I got all d praise due to my "record" and getting it 1st! Going rounf with a catapault at some point, got a bird once, chasing after it on hockey pitch, sent it to health prefect for a doze of iodine on its slifghtly blodied neck, told d guy put it on his hand fancying himself a birdman of some sort, dove took off!

14. shit beside water tap, trashing everybody after prep, bcos female colleagues of seniors from queens school making fun of them abt their juniors shiting all over d place (describe a after prep trashing session! queueing up to receive slaps, belting, headknock etc, asked to submit belts), some boys waering mutiple shorts, hiding asbestos slates in back pockest, being caugth and trashed properly ( i never did it though i considered it a few times)

15 going out of school in search of "egbo" and not finding it late at night.

Songs to download - oldies - (1) gimme the night  (2) I am going on ... i got to let it show (used my pdiddy & maze as background for their song)

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