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A Darwin before Darwin greater than Darwin

Divine (not natural) Selection

The apostles were carefully, fearfully and divinely chosen to reflect the fact that all classes of humans have a stake in the salvation of man as designed and determined by God.

God being all-knowing that He is, carefully selected the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. He ensured that broadly speaking, all manners and classes of people were represented in the constitution of the group.

Consider this:

1. It is a well known fact (even now) that majority of the world are artisans or not well read (... God has confounded the learned ... out of the mouths of babes ... ). Peter and Andrew his brother - fishermen and artisans. They represent the vast majority of the world's hard-working masses

2. Thomas - the "father" of all  philosophers and logical thinkers. In John 14, after Jesus had told the disciple "that they knew where he was going and also the way there", Thomas made this most logical of replies: that the disciples knew not where Jesus was going, and by implication, could not then know the way ... to a place they don't even know! Pure logic!

3. - was a physician.

4. Matthew - an accountant - social sciences.

5. Paul - a believer of the old order. Unchangeable and unshakable in his "faith" - until divine interventions dictated otherwise.

6. - who could have been said to be rich or comfortable? If you can't find any - make reference to the difficulty of rich men entering heaven - lookup the rich man that said he had been doing good since his youth who became sad when Jesus told him to sell all his goods and follow him.

7. Judas Iscariot - evil, cunning, deceptive, envious, greedy, and a liar among other things. Judas is a prime illustration of the fact that no one is without enemies - whether you deserve them or not, they exist nonetheless.

8. Philip - miracle seekers seeking a sign. In same John 14, Philip says "... shew us the father, and it sufficeth us..." - yet he had been with Jesus for a long time!

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I am not being critical of the apostles. I am just trying to show that they are as human as the rest of us, and if they could be so used by Christ, then unlimited possibilities exist for the rest of us ("... I go to the father, but he who believes in me, shall do more of these signs and wonders .... , John 14).


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