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               Just 4 U

The Seasons
I feel the cold hand of winter
    brush my shoulders as she finds her way to I know not whither
I walk on  - crunching gold left by
    autumn as she glides softly away (or past)
I look into the distance - I see spring rushing to (meet) me
    with summer at her heels
soon both will pass the other way
I should be gay - but all I feel is dismay
Why can't you stay - making it always May? 











The Flower
Tis Autumn
I feel the sun - warm
I come to a clearing
Where there is no flowering
Yet I see a flower
Bathed in a golden shower
I reach to touch
I feel nought but mulch
Tis there no longer
I see it up yonder
I walk on in wonder ...
There is time yet - the mysteries of life to ponder

        F. A. T. T. I. W. T. S. B. W. Y. W. W. T. H.

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